My Game Day Essentials


My favorite team, the Denver Broncos, will be in the Super Bowl this year, (YAY!)

so you know I’ll be having a big bash to cheer them on!

In my newest YouTube I share my Game Day Essentials.


I love to search my cabinets, closets and shelves for items to serve food

and use for decor for all my parties.

 I don’t like to buy themed serving pieces I’m going to use just one or two times, it just seems

like a waste of money if I don’t get my cost per use out of everything I own!

I just can’t help it.

I’ll be using glass vases, hurricanes, small buckets and small paper bags

and more to serve food.

I saw this little project on Pinterest, which really takes no time at all.

Keep those aluminum cans and repurpose them to hold plastic or real serving ware.

So easy and thrifty!


I’ve already search my son’s room for trophies,

football and wall hangings to use for my centerpiece.

I’ll just place the trophies under books to give them different heights.

First, I’ll have to clean some major dust off of them!


People might think it’s odd that I consider Persil laundry detergent as a Game Day Essential,

but let’s be honest, when your team scores,

you jump up to cheer and dance and spill red wine or

wings or your whole plate down the front of your shirt,

you are going to need something to get that out!

No worries, you’ve got a backup plan for that wine,

wing sauce, salsa, cheese or what ever messy sauce you’ve got on your plate!

And…that is why I’ve got a laundry detergent like Persil on my list!

It gets all of that yummy food stuff out of clothes!


Now, you can use a cloth table cloth and really put the laundry detergent to the test,

but I like to do less laundry if possible.

 I’ll also be using craft paper to create a table runner.

You might have seen me do this before, like a million times,

but it works great for cleanup and is very inexpensive, so it’s a winner every time.

I just take a marker and write out foods I’m serving or  saying’s like “Dip for Bacon Lovers”.

I’ll also let the kids draw out pretty much whatever they want.

When the party is over,  you can toss it in the recycle bin and call it day!

Works like a charm every time.


Watch my video and get some motivation to re-think those items

you have in your cabinets and closets and don’t forget to cheer for those BRONCOS!

And also visit Persil’s Facebook page for a special sweepstakes

as well as fun laundry tips and games:

To learn more about Persil, click on this link here:

Sponsored by Persil. Opinions are completely based on my experience.



Kitchen Dining Area – Holiday Tour


Today I’ve got a Holiday Tour for you of the dining area.

This eating area next to the kitchen is our kitchen and formal dining area.


Here’s the other side of the table.

It’s a mix up of items from my childhood and things I find along the way, along with a place to put cards, kids artwork and mementos.



I love my new $2 cart! You can see my Vintage Cart Video, HERE.



I love using my Milk Glass and white pieces for centerpieces.


I added some of my favorite candies with red and green to add some color.


All of the items, except for the tray, are things I’ve found at Goodwill.



Other than the Milk Glass, in this centerpiece,  I LOVE this silver salad serving set too.

It has Santa on the handles!






I hope you liked this little dining area tour.

I’d love for you to share your Holiday Home Tours and thrifty finds with me.

‘till next time,


The Goodwill Gal











Thrifted Vintage Cart – Family Thrift Store


I’m so excited about my thrifty cart find!  Watch my video to see how I transformed it!


I was recently invited to Family Thrift Store by Too Cheap Blondes and was I glad I accepted their invitation to shop.


Here are some items that caught my eye…

This fabulous dress, $2,


Lululemon athletic tank, $2




Nanette Lepore Coat, $2


J. Crew Shorts, $2



Everything was $2 on the day I shopped! Can you believe it!

(Stay tuned for an upcoming Thrift Haul video)

They also have housewares and when I found this cart for again,

$2, I immediatly added it to my shopping cart!


I came home and spray painted it gray


while my golden, Stevie, watched from inside.


I brought it inside and filled it with some plates, forks, napkins, etc. and placed it next to the kitchen table.


This is what it looks like for the month of December.

I added the mini tree and vintage popcorn bucket on top

changed the plates and napkins for a Christmas theme and topped it all off with pops of red tins from Goodwill and some ornaments.

This $2 cart has found it’s home and is perfect for keeping items within reach.


If you shop Family Thrift Store, make sure you share your finds with me on my Facebook page, HERE, you know I love a bargain!

‘till next time,


The Goodwill Gal











Christmas Cards and Gifts from #Mi Vida Shutterfly, in Español




This year,  for our Christmas card I took some photos of my kids, and our Golden, Stevie.




Stevie is so neglected around here…

(I’m going to order this print with the kids and Stevie with the word “Amore”)



After I took the photos, I ordered our cards from Mi Vida Shutterfly, but while on their website, I did

some Christmas shopping from their Spanish language gift products.

While my family speaks Spanish but the majority of my husband’s family does not,

these bilingual cards are the perfect choice!

 I know everyone in both families knows what Feliz Navidad means. :)

It’s the best of both worlds!


My soon-to-be 93 year-old mom is going to be the recipient of this mug that my daughter picked out.

I was able to add a photo of each of my kids and she is going to love the sentiment in Spanish and will be proud my kids are carrying on their Spanish heritage.


Take a look at the Shutterfly selection in Español HERE,

your family and friends are going to love the personalized gifts!

You can watch my YouTube video here:

Shutterfly Gifts

shutterfly copy


I ordered this too!


Small Holiday Touches

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been slowly adding holiday touches around My House of Goodwill and thought I’d share a couple of photos.  I’ll have a full Holiday House Tour coming up real soon too!



First, let’s start with my turquoise buffet from Goodwill.  It’s been around for a few years now and when I purchased it, I never imagined how much fun I’d have with it.  It was less than $40 and had a hutch attached to the top.  I ditched the hutch, stained the top and painted the bottom.  It certainly has gotten it’s cost per use in this household.  This year I started with the white trees and the mittens and since I seemed to be going with a white theme, I grabbed the deer out of a decor bin and threw the faux sheepskin in at the last minute.  That last minute touch made all the difference in creating my winter wonderland theme.



(Mitten Garland: T.J. Maxx, Mirror, White Trees and Faux Fur: Home Goods, Deer: World Market)


Every year I try to mix things up, using the same decor but creating new vignettes around the house.  Here’s one part of my decorating that doesn’t change, the silver gravy boat filled with ornaments.  All year-round I keep this silver cake stand by the sink and in December I add the gravy boat to the stand.  If I’m going to do dishes, you better believe it’s the first area I bring in some pretty items.


IMG_2176 (1)

(Candle: Target, Gold Ring: Banana Republic, Hand Soap: T.J. Maxx, Lotion: World Market

Speaking of pretty, here’s another view of the sink area.  I seem to have Christmas trees everywhere this year and this one is filled with pink vintage ornaments. It’s simple but I love the twinkle lights and especially the cake stand.  The stand is another Goodwill item I use throughout the year and this year, it fits perfectly with the rustic tree.



I hope you’ve enjoyed a couple pics of my decor, I’ll be sharing full room photos real soon!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

‘till next time,






A Winter Sled











My friend Steph and I went on a little trek to Everything Goes.

It’s a thrifters, collectors, junkers dream.  Many vendors have treasures, new and old, displayed all under one roof.

I found this sled, it was waiting for me to come pick it up and bring it home.






I have wonderful memories of my dad pulling my cousins and I around the fields full of snow in a sled just like this.

Since I live in Phoenix, this is not going to see much snow, unless it’s the fake one.



I added mini trees, pine cones, lights and a couple of fur snowballs to this 3 foot sled.  Pretty simple decor, but the sled itself makes quite the statement on the kitchen island.


sled1 (1)


If you’re in the North Scottsdale area, make sure to stop by Everything Goes, say hi to Nanci, (owner) and tell her I sent you!

Do you have a sled on display?  I’d love to see it!





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Mudroom Holiday/Winter Decor





I got just a little anxious for holiday decorations so I decorated my mudroom, but just a little.

Before  Thanksgiving,  I know it goes against tradition but I couldn’t help myself!

So many outside distractions, I have fallen victim.



Each family in our household has their own locker to store backpacks, purses, athletic equipment or

just plain old junk.  My locker has my camera equipment and items I need to return to stores, plus

random things I just need out of the way, like magazines, and I just took a peek, there’s a mason jar

in there too.  Don’t ask.

On the top of the lockers sits a vintage Mustang pedal car.  This is my husbands and it stays there all

year round, along with the globes I have found at Goodwill.  There is also cord lighting that stays

there, but this year, added more twinkle with clear lights. Garland too.

Like I said, it’s pretty simple but it has satisfied my need for holiday decor.

Have you decorated your home for the holiday season? Even just a little?









mud room



Spanish #MiVidaShutterfly Holiday Products and a Giveaway

This post contains affiliate links.

Watch my newest YouTube video to see the great products

and photo cards I ordered for the holidays from Shutterfly.

My kids and our Golden Retriever, Stevie, will be gracing our Christmas cards this year.

Of course, I always have to promise the kids that the photo shoot is not going to take long, as long as they’re happy and cooperate.  Sometimes, that’s a little too much to ask when it comes to getting their pictures taken, they are not fans of the camera.


I found some great products, including this mug for my mom.

She’s going to be 93 years old in December.  Having her friends and family around her is most important but since we live in Arizona and she’s in Colorado, pictures are the next best thing.

She’s going to love the mug and will proudly show it off. I know her!

Ribbon candy for her too.


Spoiler alert!  These are our photo cards for Christmas!

I love the Spanish products that Shutterfly has available, I’m going to place orders for every celebration!


Now, you can order your own Spanish customization products, start shopping HERE!

Here’s your chance to win a $50 Gift Card to Shutterfly!

a Rafflecopter giveaway[CACHEBUSTER]

Outdoor Fall Centerpiece







We have begun dining al fresco again in Phoenix! Yes!



I needed a simple centerpiece  for our outdoor dining area.

Simple enough that I don’t have to move it out of the way to look at the person across from me and simple enough so that it’s not in the way of our plate area.

Once again, I grabbed a piece of an old wooden fence that I brought

from my mom’s house in Colorado,

then started layering some silk leaves and pumpkins on top.

The easiest centerpiece I’ve ever made.








No mess, just simple beauty!


fall patio (1)


DIY: A Brooch Display For My Growing Collection



My collection of vintage brooches is growing, more like overflowing.  As you can see, the bust that I purchased from Goodwill is getting full.




I love picking up the brooches when I travel.

They’re lovely and easy to fit in a suitcase.

This pink beauty is from Goodwill of San Diego, Pacific Beach.










This little mini is from Goodwill of Central Arizona, Phoenix.


I picked this one up in Peuwakee, Wisconsin.

Pretty in Pink.




Here is another pin from Wisconsin.


One more from Wisco.

Little mementos from my travels.



I created this display, with frames from Goodwill, exclusively for my pins.

 I can now enjoy their beauty from the vanity in my bathroom.



Are you a brooch collector?

This DIY is super simple to create, and very inexpensive,

come on, show off  your collection!