Athletic shorts…Score!!!

Clothes for my family, I thrift that too! 
Athletic Short...Score!
My 11-year-old hockey player loves these Nike Dri Fit shorts, they’re perfect for off ice training.
 I love the price ($5.59 with Goodwill coupon) and their near new condition.
At the rate he’s growing they’ll fit him for a day or two.  
It seems like they really do grow like weeds, but with the price I paid, he’s sure to get his cost per use on these comfy shorts! 


Playing in dirt.

It’s an absolutely beautiful day to spend outdoors in Arizona.TeaCup
 I planted this impatien in a cute little tea cup from Goodwill to freshen up the succulents display on the outdoor patio table.
After a couple of days I’ll move the little plant over with the rest of the family, who are looking pretty in planters around the yard, 

because it won’t live very long in the cup, but for now, it adds a pretty punch to the table decor.


Canadian Handcrafted

One reason I love to thrift is because everything has a story, especially vintage items.I feel the same way about handcrafted items.
These tables, made from French wine barrels, arrived today for my husband’s golf/office room.
They we’re made by our Canadian family friend and will stand the test of time. 

(Curtains, rugs, accessories and more photos coming soon.)


Best Goodwill Find of 2015! (so far)