Are you a fan of ice hockey?

In addition to our home being a House of Goodwill our home is also a house of hockey. We are huge fans of the local NHL hockey team, the Phoenix Coyotes, and have been cheering them on in their quest for the Stanley Cup.

The Coyotes lost last night and are in desperate need of a win.   In support of the Coyotes and the sport of hockey, I’m going to share how I make my love of Goodwill and hockey come together.

I have two sons who play hockey and they had a collection of hockey sticks thrown around the garage.  As a hockey parent who knows the high price of hockey sticks, I felt the need to put them in a glass case for viewing, but we know how well that would’ve gone over with two boys.  I needed to come up with something to keep the sticks away from car tires rolling over them and also something accessible and easy for my boys to use.

I found this golf club organizer at Goodwill for $24.99, used my coupon which brought it down to $19.99.  It has a section to set golf bags in but it also works quite nicely keeping the sticks in their place.  The shelves hold hockey tape, pucks and and whatever it is that hockey players use.

I’m happy to report that my boys use it regularly and this is one happy Goodwill hockey mom!

Let’s go Coyotes!

The Goodwill Gal

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