(This silver cake stand insisted I bring her home from Redesign by Goodwill.)

Meet Helena, the latest edition to my Goodwill of Central Arizona cake stand collection.

She’s beautiful, is somewhat shy, but will shine when given the opportunity. She also insisted I bring her home with me. I just can’t resist a cake stand who knows her own potential, so I brought here home with me.

What will speak to you at Goodwill today?

Have a beautiful day.

Signed, The Goodwill Whisperer,

The Goodwill Gal

My Goodwill Shopping list:

Pottery Barn Reindeer Moss: $1.99 (bag)

Bird’s nest: $1.99

Silver cake stand: $6.99

Silver Tray: Featured HERE


You can find more from The Goodwill Gal, here:





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